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Spencer Miles

Spencer Miles currently holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from West Virginia University, with a field of study in Music Education. He holds certifications to teach music K-12 extending to both Pennsylvania and West Virginia. He is currently a 42R9E, Army Musician with the additional skill identifier of Trombonist with the 28th Infantry Division Band and previously the 249th Army Band where he was among the leadership staff for the Music Performance Team, The Official Party of Brass. Spencer was a frequent clinician for the 249th Army Band having also been a featured soloist for past performances. His musical duties include but are not limited to the Ceremonial Band, Jazz Combo, and The Official Party of Brass.

Outside of the army and academic ensembles he is a previous and founding member of the Cadets2 Drum Corps and also maintains a Trombone Studio with the Penn Square Music Conservatory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Spencer Miles is the author of “Trombone Aerobics, A Comprehensive Warm-Up and Technique Routine for The Well-Rounded Trombonist 

With Practice Theories and Performance Preparation Strategies” 

He is also completing a Master's at Temple University. 

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