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​​About  Penn Square

Music Conservatory 

A Word from our 

Founder,  Scott Drackley

Music Education is a vital part of a young person’s development which can continue through adulthood. As a former music educator, for 25 years I used to tell my students that they can sing or play an instrument all their lives. Penn Square Music Conservatory was started as an extension of the education initiative of Penn Square Music Festival. The Festival is a platform for talented, young, professional singers at the beginning of their career. We are committed to offering excellent music instruction to both young people and adults.

Music is an art, but also a discipline that helps young people in all areas of their life. Music involves science, math, history and more. It instills a strong work ethic into students and gives them a sense of pride of accomplishment. The state of music education in Central Pennsylvania schools is in peril. Programs are being cut in many districts, and students are not being given the opportunities to study and perform. Penn Square Music Conservatory plans to fill that gap and provide excellent instruction to people of all ages. Music is a life-long source of joy not only to performers, but to the world around us. 

Our goal is to be a musical presence in the Lancaster community. Students will be encouraged to participate in ensemble playing, adjudications, and public performances in the Lancaster area. Give one of the greatest gifts you can to a young person or adult, the gift of music.